The Sweet Way For Your Family To Connect!


Shabbos Shtick is a revolutionary tool to lead the Shabbos table and connect with children in a fun and engaging way. The weekly Parsha Insights are a great way to start conversations about the Parsha at your Shabbos Seudah.

Our Parsha Boxes are filled with yummy Parsha Nosh and an 18-Page Parsha Booklet (with a program for the Friday night and Shabbos day Seudos) to keep the adults and children entertained at each Seudah.
The booklet explains how the Nosh connects to the Parsha, along with colorful pictures.

Each Booklet Contains:
2 Middos Stories
2 Gedolim Stories
2 Shabbos Stories
Parsha-themed Poem
A Parsha-themed Word Search
A Weekly Challenge with a Raffle

You’ll always be prepared with lots of fun table-talk!
You and your family will look forward to the weekly Shabbos Shtick experience!

All Nosh is Certified & Repackaged Under OU Parve Supervision.
Detailed allergy information is provided, if applicable.
The individual Hechsher of each candy is written in the back of the booklet.

Fun & Sweet, for Everyone

Each box is loaded with Parsha Nosh, stories, insights, and trivia - for kids 5 years and up!

Sweetness, Year-Round

Experience the sweetness of Parsha each week - for Shabbos, Yom Tov, and all Jewish Events!

Learning, the Sweet Way

Parsha materials developed with modern educational guidelines - for easy reading and fun!

Find out what the Parsha Nosh + Insights are in this week’s Shabbos Shtick box!

Parsha Challenge

Enter the Weekly Raffle & Win Shabbos Shtick Prizes! (must purchase that week’s box to enter)

Submit your Parsha Challenge answers by sending your children’s first and last names + answers to
Deadline to submit answers is Sunday at 11:59 PM EST

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