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The Sweet Way For Your Family To Connect!


Shabbos Shtick is a revolutionary tool to lead the Shabbos table and connect with children in a fun and engaging way. The weekly Parsha Insights are a great way to start conversations about the Parsha at your Shabbos Seudah.

Each week you’ll receive a box filled with tasty Parsha Nosh and a Parsha Booklet (with a program for the Friday night and Shabbos day Seudos) to keep the adults and children entertained at each seudah. You’ll always be prepared with a Dvar Torah and you and your family will look forward to getting your Shabbos Shtick box delivered each week!

All candy is certified and repackaged with OU Parve supervision

Fun & Sweet, for Everyone

Each box is loaded with Parsha Nosh, stories, insights, and trivia - for kids 5 years and up!

Sweetness, Year-Round

Experience the sweetness of Parsha each week - for Shabbos, Yom Tov, and all Jewish Events!

Learning, the Sweet Way

Parsha materials developed with modern educational guidelines - for easy reading and fun!

Treat Well. Give a Treat.

Rice Crispy Treats remind us that a master must treat his עבד עברי respectfully. He also has to give his עבד the same quality food, drinks and pillow as he himself uses. When the עבד עברי goes free, the master gives him treats and gifts! This extra goodbye present show us that even when we pay someone for their work, it’s good Middos to give a “tip” – an extra little bit, to say “thank you!” (ספר החינוך)

Find out what the Parsha Nosh + Insights are in this week’s Shabbos Shtick box!


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