Here’s How to Keep Your Kids at the Shabbos Table

Tired of scrambling to prepare a kid-friendly d’var Torah each week? Wishing your children would actually stay at the Shabbos table long enough to hear gedolim stories and learn about the parsha?

Shabbos Shtick found a way to do it all and have fun at the same time! Meet your weekly box of sweetness… one box, filled with everything you need to elevate and transform your Shabbos table!

Shabbos Shtick is a revolutionary tool to lead the Shabbos table and connect with children in a fun and engaging way. The weekly parsha insights are a great way to start conversations about the parsha at your Shabbos seudah.

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What’s in a Shabbos Shtick Box?

The box contains tasty parsha nosh (six types of candy), along with an 18-page parsha booklet, with separate programs for the Friday night and Shabbos day seudos, or of the relevant Yom Tov, to keep the adults and children entertained.

Each booklet contains:

  • 2 middos stories
  • 2 gedolim stories 
  • 2 Shabbos stories
  • A parsha-themed word search
  • A weekly challenge with a raffle
  • A fun-page

All nosh is certified & repackaged under OU parve supervision.

Detailed allergy information is provided, if applicable.

The individual hechsher of each candy is written in the back of the booklet.

The parsha booklet is developed by a veteran teacher, Dovid Bruckenstein, with modern educational guidelines, designed for children (and adults!) 5 years and up.

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Torah, Sweeter Each Week!