When will I receive my first Shabbo Shtick set shipment?

We ship once every 4 weeks for most of our boxes. We ship to the non-New York New Jersey area on Monday the week before the first Saturday of the set. We ship to New York and New Jersey (Not including most addresses in Brooklyn and Lakewood) the Tuesday or Wednesday the week before the first Saturday of the set. We generally ship with Fedex (sometimes USPS). In most cases, boxes are delivered within 3 business days .

Does Shabbos Shtick ship internationally?

We currently ship anywhere in the United States Mainland. We do not ship out of the United States mainland at this time.

When is the order deadline?

For both Subscriptions and One-Time orders, the order deadline is, the Thursday the week before the first Saturday of the set.

Why is my order shipping next set?

Depending when you place your order, it may seem like it takes a little while because your order will be placed in the following set’s shipment. Due to shipping constrictions, we have to ship out before the week of the first Saturday in order to safely assume you will receive your order on time. You may request to receive your box earlier by contacting and we will do our best to ship your order early.

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund contact us at . For missing boxes or pamphlets, we offer a full refund on the box/es (including the shipping cost of that box). For missing candies, we offer a partial refund on the box.

When is the cancellation deadline?

The cancellation deadline for all orders is, two Sundays before the first Saturday of the set.

Why was I charged less than 4 weeks after my last charge?

There could be multiple reasons why you were charged or why it seems you were charged.
1. Your next payment was adjusted to match our cancellation deadline which could be less than 4 weeks from your previous order date.
2. It may be that it is not a charge you see it is possible that it is a refund to you from us. One way to know is if the charge does not match the amount you normally pay it may be a refund.